Does Mediation Work?

Of course! Mediation is a great alternative to court when trying to resolve family disputes. Mediation gives you more control over the outcome. You can work with a mediator to reach a an agreement on child custody, financial matters, and other important issues, that is tailored to everyone’s needs.

What is Online Mediation?

In online mediation, the process is conducted using a video calling platform, such as Zoom. The parties and the mediator do not meet face-to-face. Online mediation works the same as the traditional face-to-face process, by talking to the mediator and discussing your concerns regarding childcare arrangements and/on financial issues with your ex-partner.

What issues will mediation resolve?

Mediation can be used to discuss any issues such as:

  • Child contact
  • Living arrangements
  • Holidays
  • Special occasions
  • Reaching financial settlements
  • Sorting out what will happen to the marital or jointly owned home
  • Dividing savings and other assets- i.e. the car.


How do you access online mediation?

Accessing online mediation is easy, flexible and accessible.

  • You can use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (you will need an internet connection).
  • We use a platform called Zoom, which is a secure video platform. We give you full instructions on how to access this. It’s really simple and straightforward, but we can talk you through it.
  • All you need is a quiet private place where you won’t be disturbed with nobody else in the room.

Benefits of Online Mediation

  • Convenient– you can access from anywhere – home, workplace or even offshore or abroad.
  • Saves time– no travel or waiting time required.
  • Flexible– sessions can fit around your work – i.e. attend sessions during your lunch hour.
  • Practical You don’t have to live in the same area as your ex-partner.
  • Choice No need to find a mediator local to your area.
  • Being at Ease– don’t have to be in the same building as your ex-partner.
  • Accessible– suits people with mobility issues i.e. no need to travel.
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