What we can offer

Workplace mediation can help boost productivity by helping people have healthier relationships.

Most employers have experienced how disruptive conflict at work can be. The quality of relationships between colleagues can be the difference between hitting sales targets or achieving project goals, and missing them. At worst case, unhealthy relationships can create a toxic culture. Staff can miss work due to stress and anxiety, and the impact of the conflict can spill into the wider team.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can provide mediation directly to colleagues if they choose to engage. We can also offer skills training for people within the workplace, for example in a HR role, so that they are better able to mediate disputes in the future.

Our training covers practical skills in dealing with conflict, identifying the issues and setting up mediation in a way that maintains neutrality. We can develop a bespoke package based on your needs.

How it will help the workplace – examples of scenarios

An experienced and long standing member of staff, Jeff, is given a younger and in their view less experienced line manager, Sally. Jeff doesn’t want to be ‘told’ what to do by Sally. Sally wants to make changes in the department but is meeting resistance from Jeff, and there is a spill over of tension into the wider team. Many of the team members are friends in an out of work.

Mediation can help both Sally and Jeff to understand each others perspectives and create a plan as to how they can work together more effectively. It can help them to develop a way of

Bob is a new HR manager for a social care provider that employs Nurses and Care Workers. Over his first couple of months in the role, Bob has became aware that there is a split between Nurses and Care Workers, who try and avoid communicating with each other in person. This recently resulted in an issue where a resident was given incorrect medication.

In this situation, Bob is thinking on how to create a more positive workplace culture but has found that a couple of the Nurses and Care Workers in particular have very unhealthy relationships that are laden with conflict.

We can help Bob by training him and his team in mediation and dispute resolution skills, so that he can mediate with individuals if they agree to.