What does it mean? Understanding mediation terms

Starting the mediation process can always be a little bit daunting even in safe hands like ours. We promise that every step of the way we provide no nonsense, honest, professional advice and guidance. A few phrases that are commonly used in the mediation process are….

C100 A form that is needed for court proceedings to start. A C100 can be provided when mediation is unsuitable or an agreement cannot be reach. Once court proceedings are finalised it can mean decisions are made by a judge that don’t suit your families needs. It is always where safe to do so best to try reach solutions for conflict through online mediation.

MIAMIt stands for Mediation Intake Assessment Meeting and it if the first appointment you will have with a mediator. It’s an opportunity for our mediator to explain how the process works and most importantly listen to you about your situation. This is an individual appointment, only you attend.

Legal AidIt is a type of financial support that if a party qualifies will fund the cost of all the mediation appointments. People can be entitled to legal aid if they are on low income or in receipt of benefits such as Universal Credit. Our team will help you work out if you are eligible for legal aid.

Civ Means 7This is the the legal aid application. A Mediator will complete this with you , together you will look at your income to complete the form.

Outcome Statement This is provided at the end of the mediation process and is a summary of what both parties agreed such as the child contact plan. You will be able to get a copy once the mediator has completed it.

Memorandum of UnderstandingThis term is used in financial mediation and it is a document that details the agreements made by the end of the mediation process.