Meet the Mediator at Changing Futures Mediation

Meet our Professional Practice Supervisor and Mediator!

Online mediation is a process were two people can meet to talk about and negotiate any issues following on from their separation or divorce, without needing to be in the same room.

We’ve been speaking to Jane Affleck, who supervises our mediation team, about the launch of our new online mediation service.

How long have you worked as a Mediator

I’ve been a mediation for 25 years now. I’ve worked to support families in some way, shape or from for my whole career.

What types of people do you help?

I work mainly with separated parents. However, I also work with other family members such as grandparents who are struggling to see their grandchildren. I also work with separated adults with no dependent children who need to sort out the financial side of their separation.

What benefits are there to online mediation as posed to face to face mediation?

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What are the common problems you see people come to mediation for?

By far the biggest problem is contact arrangements. However what causes the problems is varied. It could be the involvement of new partners, allegations of drug and/ or alcohol misuse or complete breakdown in communication.

How can we help a person if they think their ex partner won’t attend?

Mediation is a voluntary process but people are required to find out about a mediation before they put in any court application. People will then be given a C100 for a Child Arrangements Order or a Form A for financial settlements. They also have the opportunity to talk through their situation with someone who is neutral and impartial and this can help people put a different slant on things and understand their former partner’s stance a bit better.

How do you put people at ease in an appointment?

People often feel nervous and apprehensive about coming to an appointment. Acknowledging this and (where appropriate) use of humour can help. Allowing people the time and space to tell their story in an accepting non judging way. Being respectful and not criticising, acknowledging the hurt, anger and pain people are often feeling can help.