Contact Arrangements Following Lockdown easing

As of the start of this week lockdown restrictions were eased once again. The highlights for many of us being able to visit the hairdresser, head back to the gym and restaurants opening up!

The last lockdown has been extremely hard on children and young people of all ages and their parents The improving weather alongside the reopening of zoos, farms and children activities means more time outdoors and less time cooped up inside.

So what does that mean for child contact arrangements?

First of all , a reminder that for those children whose parents are separated, under all COVID restrictions children under the age of 18 are permitted to see both their parents and move from house to house accordingly.

For parents who have separated and in the past child contact has been a source of conflict there are a few things to consider during this restriction easing.

  1. There’s much more to do now! Rightly so we are excited to take our kids out and about! Whilst we can all get a bit excited making plans for things we haven’t done in over a year, we need to make sure we are considering our children’s routine and respecting the contact arrangements. If you are able to do so, we recommend speaking with your ex partner about your plans, this will make your ex-partner feel respected, considered and also decrease the likelihood of an argument over who gets to take them where.
  2. Communication is going to be key during the easing of restrictions. Like we mentioned in point number 1, if possible speaking with your ex partner about plans with the kids is going to keep arrangements conflict free and child focused.
  3. Everything we are going to be doing now will most likely mean we have to book a date and a timeslot. Sometimes that could mean handover pick ups and drop off times might be affected. Checking in about this change and also being flexible with timings can reduce the likelihood of an argument
  4. Most importantly, keep the kids at the centre not in the middle. Just like going into lockdown , coming out of lockdown will be have its ups and downs for the family too. In those moments of heightened emotions that comes with co-parenting, remember to put your child’s needs and feelings first.

We know that sometimes the above is easier said than done. Whether you’ve never tried mediation before or perhaps contact arrangements aren’t being followed it is a low cost, stress free service that can really benefit the whole family.

If you would like more information on how to access our national online family mediation service ring 0142 891 444 or get in touch here.