2021- The Year We Mediated

Looking Ahead to 2021…. A message from our team

After a Christmas like no other and a quiet new year we look forward to how we can best support the families and adults we work with in 2021.

Across the country many of us are still feeling the pressure and anxieties that started almost a year ago now, COVID changed every aspect of our lives. At Changing Futures Online Mediation we understand that those anxieties, staying at home and the festive period have led many couples to come to the difficult decision of separating.

We want to reassure you that regardless of the varying tier systems across the country and potential future lockdowns our mediation services will continue to be offered online through Zoom. This includes C100, MIAM and joint mediation appointments. Our priority is keeping you safe whilst continuing to offer professional and high quality mediation.

Whilst separation can be difficult  it can also mean the time for a new start. Make 2021 the year where your co-parenting journey really begins, the year the conflict ends and the year your children instead of being caught in the middle become the centre of you and your ex-partners co-parenting relationship.

For more information on how our national mediation service can be the right fit for your family please ring 01429 891 444.